Good taste grows from tradition


Koivikko Manor has a grand past of exquisite flavours. Butter from Koivikko was granted rewards already in the 19th century. The manor creamery was the first in Finland to produce cheddar cheese. Butter and selected cheeses were exported to epicures and gourmandes all the way to St. Petersburg.

The history of the Koivikko estate goes back to the 18th century. The manor house that nowadays serves as a restaurant was built year 1840 by a local potentate Nils Ludvig Arppe. The Arppe Family started succesfull dairy production on the estate.

Few decades later Axel Emil Brander – know as “the Emperor of Kitee” – purchased the manor from the Arppes. Together with his wife Anna he then set up an educational establishment for dairy farming. Their son Akseli Brander became the head of the house year 1909. Akseli and his Danish-born wife Dorthea gained prestige with their high-quality butter and cheeses.

On the 1960’s the estate was purchased by the Finnish State. Kitee Agricultural School moved into the premises year 1961.

In May 2012, after extensive renovations the Koivikko Manor became once again a home for excellent ingredients and delicate flavours as the manor house was taken into restaurant use by chef Markku Väkeväinen.